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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NalgoPLAST algorithm concepts
 NcoreConcept for configuring and running PLAST
 NhitsConcept for hits iteration
 NdatabaseDefinition of concepts related to genomic databases
 NimplImplementation of concepts related to genomic databases
 CDatabaseVisitorDefine a database visitor instance
 CEncodingManagerManagement of alphabet encoding
 CIAlphabetDefinition of IAlphabet concept
 CIDatabaseQuickReaderExtract information about genomic database
 CISequenceGenomic sequence definition
 CISequenceBuilderInterface that can modify a ISequence instance internals
 CISequenceCacheProvides a data structure for caching a database content into memory
 CISequenceDatabaseDefine a database as a container of ISequence instances
 CISequenceIteratorIteration of ISequence objects
 CISequenceIteratorFactoryInterface of a Factory that builds ISequenceIterator instances
 CIWordDefinition of a word
 NdpDesign Pattern tools (Observer, SmartPointer, Command...)
 NimplImplementation of Design Pattern tools (Observer, SmartPointer, Command...)
 CEventInfoPiece of information linked to a notification
 CICommandInterface of what a command is
 CICommandDispatcherDispatching of commands
 CICommandFactoryInterface for ICommand factories
 CICommandInvokerExecution of ICommand instances
 CIObserverInterface of the Observer Design Pattern
 CIPropertiesContainer of IProperty instances with DP Visitor capability
 CIPropertiesVisitorVisitor for a IProperty instance
 CIPropertyDefinition of a property as a [key,value] entry with a given depth
 CISubjectInterface of the Subject in the Observer Design Pattern
 CIterationStatusEventNotification class specific to iteration
 CIteratorDefinition of the Design Pattern Iterator interface
 CLocalObjectLocal usage of SmartPointer instance
 CNullIteratorNull implementation of the Iterator interface
 CSmartIteratorIterators that can return the number of items it can iterate
 CSmartPointerTool for managing instances life cycle
 NindexationGenomic database indexation concepts
 NimplImplementation of genomic database indexation concepts
 CIDatabaseIndexInterface of an index for a database
 CIDatabaseIndexFactoryInterface of a factory for creating IDatabaseIndex instances
 CIOccurrenceBlockIteratorIterates over seed occurrences for a given seed in a given sequence
 CIOccurrenceIteratorIterates over seed occurrences for a given seed in a given sequence
 CISeedOccurrenceOccurrence of a seed in a genomic sequence
 NlauncherPLAST command line
 NcoreTools (command line options management)
 NobserversObservers definitions
 NmiscMiscellanous definitions
 NimplTools (command line options management)
 CCompleteSubjectDatabaseStatsDefine statistics of the complete subject database
 CRangeDefinition of an interval (inspired by std::pair). It is possible to define 'reversed' range, ie. with a beginning greater than the end
 CVectorStd::vector-like class
 NosOperating System abstraction layer
 NimplImplementation of Operating System abstraction layer
 CIFactoryInterface providing factories for managing operating system resources
 CIFileAbstraction of what we need about file system
 CIFileFactoryFactory that creates IFile instance
 CIMemoryAllocatorInterface providing methods for dynamic allocation
 CIMemoryFileAbstraction of what we need about memory file system
 CIMemoryFileFactoryFactory that creates IMemoryFile instance
 CIResourceAbstraction of what an operating resource is
 CISynchronizerDefine a synchronization abstraction
 CIThreadDefine what a thread is
 CIThreadFactoryFactory that creates IThread instances
 CITimeInterface that provides methods returning time
 CLocalSynchronizerTool for locally managing synchronization
 CMemoryFailureException class for memory failure
 NseedSeed based concepts
 NimplImplementation of seed based concepts
 CISeedDefinition of a seed
 CISeedIteratorIteration on seeds
 CISeedModelDefinition of a seed model
 NstatisticsStatistics concepts
 NimplImplementation of statistics concepts
 CGlobalParametersFailureException class for bad statistical parameters
 CIGlobalParametersInterface that provides global statistical information
 CIQueryInformationInterface that provides statistical information for query sequences